Graveyard Conversations

Dotted with beautiful crafts
Spoiled with expensive flowers
Burdened with unfulfilled dreams,
Undisclosed secrets,
Untapped gifts,
Misused potential
You have turned into the richest mine
A mine of wealth beyond comprehension
A shaft of wealth unheard of

Tell me why graveyard
How can you be so heartless?
Coniving with death to be armed robbers
Robbing the world
Plundering its riches

The dilemma of mankind
Investing more in death than in life
Showering love on the grave
Pursuing the dead
Yet neglecting the living

Don’t wait to burden their graves
Love them during their lifetime
Pursue them during their years
Most graves know more love
Than the dead inside the grave
Isn’t that hypocrisy?
Is it a true saying?
That upon losing it
You will know its value.
Dare to make a difference
Know its value whilst you have it.


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